Smart Security Surveillance

The smart security surveillance system incorporates the most advanced AI-based cameras supplied by industrial leading vendors. The system applies sophisticated image recognition algorithms, and integrates high-performance processing chipset. Its functionalities include face recognition, pattern recognition, moving objects identification, intrusion detection, and characteristic extraction.

Smart Fleet Management

The fleet management solution keeps drivers, passengers, and vehicles safer, and improves overall management efficiency for fleet operators. The system is capable of driver and rider identity verification, real-time location trace, video streaming and playback, and emergency response.

Smart Parking

The smart parking solution provides the full cycle of parking assistance and management. The system includes parking space statistics and display, license plate recognition, parking guidance, reverse car finding, cashless payment, and parking lot security.


Xingtrium offers a comprehensive solution suite to fight the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In particular, the AI temperature cameras can be deployed at public spaces to help identify persons with fever immediately; the COVID-19 test kit can confirm if a patient carries the virus; the non-contact themometers can be used in key areas (airports, hospitals, transportation hubs) to screen people with high accuracy; the ultraviolet sterilization robot can efficently sterilize rooms with little human interaction; the handheld pulse and oximeter can help hopitals to quickly monitor patients' health conditions; and ventilators are one of they key equipment in the fight against COVID-19.

Smart Retail

The smart retail solution is based on IoT and AI technology. It collects sensors, facial, and smart phone information, and provides traffic and profile statisticcs. A wide range of devices including cameras, smart terminals, IoT sensors, and WiFi hotspots can be seamless incorporated into the system.

Smart EV Charging

The smart EV charging solution enable drivers to charge their electrical vehicles easily with the use of a mobile application. The system supports online charging location search, charging space allocation and reservation, charging monitoring, reminders, and mobile payment.

Smart Agriculture

The smart agriculture solution incorporates various sensors and controllers to realize revolutionized agricultural management with AI algorithms. The system can reflect farming operation faster, monitor and control environmental parameters, increase production efficiency, discover potential problems accurately, and improve the traceability of produce.

Smart Mining

The smart mining solution integrates communication equipment, surveillance cameras, information headlights, tablets, and all other devices. The platform provides seamless management and dispatch of the whole mining area and staff. It can view and replay worker location and movement, provide overall statistics and analytics, and prepare emergency response plans.