Xingtrium Intelligent

And Recognitive Camera Solution

The Xingtrium intelligent and recognitive camera solution uses sophisticated image recognition algorithms, and integrated high-performance processing chipset. It is capable of identifying and classifying images with multiple moving objects, intrusion events, movement speed, direction and characteristics such as size, color, and texture.


The Recognitive Camera consists of an embedded Qualcomm AI –based camera solution chipset and analytic algorithm on-board its system. The camera recognizes various moving objects within a focus area; multiple moving targets can be locked simultaneously and analyzed. The system differentiates people from objects, determines the target's speed, color, direction of movement, and other characteristics.

The Recognitive NVR combines Smart Video Synopsis and Recognitive analytic algorithm features. Video Synopsis function compresses video data into brief video clips, and automatically extracts photos of moving objects with reference to their color, size, direction, speed and other characteristics. Users can browse video clips of moving target and use snapshots and defined characteristics to narrow down their search to quickly find video clips depicting the target. This analytics feature will help customers reduce manpower usage and increase efficiency.

The Human Recognition System is a software capable of capturing human images of head-shoulder and entire body separately. It could then build up an object related database. The system recognizes human faces at real-time, and provides gender, age range, and ethnic information. It also distinguishes colors and textures of people' s clothing. The system can be applied to human flow control on major roads, public areas such as airports or harbors, where high safety standards are imposed.

Industrial Application

Boarder Security

Emergency Vehicles

Gaming Security

Safe City

Key Features

Integrated object recognition algorithm

Characteristic extraction of moving objects

Video recording and compression

Fast target searching based on characteristics

Auto snapshot analysis

Person of interest auto-tracing