Water Quality Monitoring Solution

The water quality monitoring Solution brings the state of the art luminescent lifetime technologies. The system offers turbidity, pH, conductivity, and multi-parameter probes. With smart meters and wireless online controllers, it can remotely monitor water quality at multiple locations. This solution is ideal for measuring dissolved oxygen in wastewater, drinking water, aquaculture, and general water related applications.


The ODO optical dissolved oxygen sensor is an embedded microprocessor controlled sensor based on oxygen dynamic fluorescence quenching principle. It offers customers the most powerful tool for short and long term measurement.

The microprocessor controlled turbidity and chlorophyll sensor is designed to provide accurate, in-situ measurement of turbidity and chlorophyll. It can be seamlessly integrated with auto cleaning wiper to ensure reliable test data.

The Y4000 multi-parameter sensor is a comprehensive water quality monitoring platform for simultaneous measurement of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, pH, Chlorophyll, blue or green algae, and temperature. It is an ideal system for high quality long term monitoring.

The 4- and 6-electode conductivity sensors are specifically and ruggedly built for wide variety water quality measuring. They are highly suitable for applications in source wastewater, and marine water monitoring.

The Y550 series UV254 probe features highly reliable UV-LED light source, providing accurate analysis of fresh and waste water with low maintenance. With its compact design and integrated turbidity compensation, it is an excellent solution for source water, municipal water and wastewater monitoring.

Key Features and Benefits

Support RS485 / MODBUS

No membrane, no electrolyte, no oxygen consumption, no flow dependency, no H2S interference

No oxygen consumption, no flow dependency, no H2S interference

Automatic temperature compensation with integrated temperature sensor

Water proof connector; Support RS485 / MODBUS

Capable of measuring five parameter simultaneously, ideal for long term monitoring.