Xingtrium Smart Seaport Solution

The remarkable ability of the smart seaport solution is given by its unique software algorithms and hardware systems. The system could achieve unmanned control by stages and achieve better intelligence and efficiency.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Tally System

By a few cameras (powered by Qualcomm AI-based camera platform) on STS crane, our system could realize the following function without the interface with PLC, including empty/full status of the trailer, position on trailer of 20ft container, operating truck lane and etc.

Intelligent Gate System

With the help from smart cameras (powered by Qualcomm AI-based camera platform), the system is capable of recognition of truck license plate, gate container number, seal presence, container door face, damaged goods, etc.

Remote RTG Gantry Anti-Collision

The system can achieve semi-automated gantry anti-collision with minimal human supervision.

Autonomous Straddle Carrier

The system implements autonomous straddle carrier based on Qualcomm AI technology and realizes autonomous driving without human interaction.

Key Features and Advantages

Identify container number,type, status, etc

5-side container inspection photo record

Container front and rear Box facade facing

Single and double front/rear position recognition

Container fullness and operation lane recognition

Filter passing car