Xingtrium EV Charging Solution

Powered by Qualcomm Green-PHY chip QCA7000, The smart EV charging solution enable drivers to charge their electrical vehicles easily with the use of a mobile application. The system supports online charging location search, charging space allocation and reservation, charging monitoring, reminders, and mobile payment.


Portable Charger

7KW Home Charger

7KW Commercial Charger (with touch color screen)

7KW TV Charger

22KW Commercial Charger

2*22KW Commercial Charger


Station Solution

Solution Description

Distributed charging stations mainly locate in the areas of urban residential park, commercial mall park, roadside open space and high way. Through cloud platform to realize the functions of device management, metering & billing, payment transaction, users management, centralized monitoring, etc. on the distributed EV chargers all over the city.

Solution Advantage

Innovative hardware facility: IP65 protection grade, creative fall down protection, 3W standby power Supportive service platform: Cloud architecture, convenient mobile application (APP) Intelligent operation system: Good compatibility, refine management, smart power distribution

Key features And Benefits

Online location search

Space reservation

Real time monitoring

Efficient allocation

Mobile payment

Auto billing