Xingtrium Fleet Management Solution

The Fleet Management Solution keeps the vehicle and people on the road safe, and improves overall management to gain competitive advantage for the operators.The system verifies the driver's identity using a full matrix of biometrics.

Reliable Vehicle Console

Qualcomm AI-based camera solutions provide real time analysis on the vehicles. With the input from GPS locations and video streaming, the system can fully realize the overall management of driving school vehicles, school buses, taxis, buses, trucks, etc. It effectively ensures the safety of the vehicles, the drivers, and the passengers.

V600 is a vehicle computer with superior and reliable performance, powered by Qualcomm MSM8909 platform. The system supports 4G LTE network, 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS & BDS, two-channel USB camera, 5MP autofocus camera, OBD data collection, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as biometric sensors.

Key features And Benefits

Android OS supports dynamic vehicle monitoring and management

All captured data can be uploaded in real time via 4G network

The system can take pictures and videos which can be shared by the management center

The on-board computer records vehicle speed and fuel consumption, and provides remote warning

Fingerprint verification confirms driver identification

Real time GPS location is reported and compared against preset route

Non-volatile memory keeps copy of all data record locally for backup

Read and verify IC cards quickly for identity authentication and mobile payment

All prompt messages can be played by voice, with voice recording capability