Xingtrium School Bus Tracking Solution

The completely paperless system features AI powered management system to track school buses and riders, real time bus information via the Parent/System App, live video streaming, and mass notifications of bus schedule change via text messages.

Reliable Vehicle Computer

V600 is a vehicle computer with reliable performance. Featuring 4G LTE, stable Wi-Fi, ultrafast quad-core processor, GPS & BDS, multi-channel external camera, 5MP autofocus camera, ngerprint, barcode scanning and face recognition, OBD data collection, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as biometrics, supporting calls, SMS, voice and recording functions,

it can fully realize the overall management of driving school vehicles, school buses, taxis, buses, trucks, etc. ectively ensuring trac safety.

Key Features And Benefits

The easy-to-use Android operating system easily realizes dynamic vehicle monitoring and management.

All captured data and information can be uploaded in real time via wireless networks. If failed once, it can be uploaded again and again.

Configured with front camera and USB camera, V600 can take photos and videos that can besimultaneously transmitted to the management center.

V600 can accurately record the vehicle speed and fuel consumption, and raise realtime alarm. Professional vehicle fault diagnosis is realized to ensure road safety and prolong life span.

Fingerprint verification facilitates safe information collection.

It can obtain real-time information like vehicle location, speed, direction and route, realizing realtime vehicle tracking. It raises an audible alarm if the vehicles veer out of the predetermined route.

Non-volatile memory ensures information storage under conditions of power off or network off.

It can read and verify IC cards quickly and accurately, which is widely used in identity authentication and mobile payment.

All prompt messages can be present in the form of voice. It can also record voices.