Xingtrium Mobile Nursing Solution

Our Mobile Healthcare Information Solution is based on IoT and Cloud computing technologies, integrated handheld computer, and compatible software. It can be seamlessly connected to HIS and EMR systems through Wi-Fi or 4G networks. By incorporating the system into the workflow of the healthcare staff, our solution aims to bring all-round improvement to the hospital‘s healthcare system, and to enable group communication with the push of a button.

Efficiency And Innovation

The mobile healthcare information system integrated industrial PDA and compatible software, enabling seamless connection to HIS, EMS systems through Wifi or 4G LTE network. The device is powered by Qualcomm MSM8953.

The system delivers tools for medication administration, vital sign collection, information inquiry and personnel management. The automated process helps to reduce human error, enhance patient safety, and improve the productivity of staff members.

Key Features And Benefits

Task Management System

Multi-platform Clients


Easy Administration

Group and Individual Calls

Remote Camera and Mic Control

Bridge to PMR

GPS and Indoor Localization