Xingtrium UAV System Solution

The Xingtrium UAV System Solution is a Six-Rotor advance state-of-the-art avionics UAV, featuring 3 redundant flight control system capabilities including hardware, software and sensory control design, that propelled Kedacom's UAV to a highly-reliable operational intelligences and decisive difference to outcomes, whether it is controlled operation or rapid deployment


• Industrial-grade 6 rotorcraft with a wheelbase of 1200mm

• Arm umbrella folding design for easy carrying and rapid deployment

• Full carbon fiber body, high rigidity and light weight

• Multi-redundant flight control design to ensure flight safety

• 44000mAh lithium battery, battery life of 45min

• 7-level wind and moderate rain resistance

• Maximum mission load of 7kg

• Up to 10 km of control range

• Multi-point navigation with 200 waypoints

• One-button take-off / return / landing; emergency return


• Powered by Qualcomm APQ8076 chipset

• 4K resolution fixed focus aerial camera with

  a maximum of 12MP

• High-performance 17um uncooled planar

  detector with resolution of 800x600

• Visible light and thermal imaging

  dual-spectrum mount

• Professional starlight 30X optical zoom

  camera with minimum illumination

  of 0.0001lux

Ground Stations

• Integrated portable design, with no installation required

• Battery life up to 6 hours, operation distance up to 10KM

• Integrated remote control, ground-end image transmission

• Industrial computer and 4G transmission module

• GCS ground station software for easy waypoint pre-set, track

  planning, and flight status display


• Power inspection

• Pipeline inspection

• Logistics transportation

• Emergency Rescue

• Ecological monitoring

• Anti-terrorism

• Sports and entertainment

• Agricultural plant protection

• Film and television aerial photography

• Remote sensing mappin