Airport Intelligence Solution

Our airport intelligence solution enables state of the art management around the airport, including landside, airside, and passenger service. It provides better efficiency and higher security level for modern airports.

ID Verification Device

/Biometric Identification Smart Gate

The ID Verification Device /Biometric Identification Smart Gate supports identity authentication via biometrics sensors (fingerprint, face). It can compare collected biometric data against local or cloud database, and provide accurate response within very short time.

Security Tray Auto-Recycle System

• Security tray auto-recycle system

• Reduce 1~2 staff on each security check line

• Passengers can get container at anytime

• Works stably, sustainably and efficiently with low cost

Key Features And Benefits

Support RFID travel documents compliant to ICAO 9303 standard

Fast face recognition and low false report rate

Support document anti-counterfeiting technology

Fingerprint module conforms to FBI, IQS, PIV, ISO/IEC19794-2, and NIST standards

Support Type-A and Type-B smart cards