Xingtrium Police

Communication Solution

Walkie-Talkie is a proven and critical communications tool to numerous industry verticals due to its core capability to deliver instant voice and enable group communication with the push of a button.

We introduce the next generation 4G LTE Walkie-Talkie, which can be used in extended range, and providing more functionalities than traditional ones, such as GPS location and video recording.



• Push-to-talk over 4G LTE network

• Support Android, Windows, & iOS

• Support mobile and desktop clients

• User-friendly and intuitive design

• Incorporates Qualcomm AI-based camera solution

Flexible Hardware

• Flexible hardware options available

• Professional Bluetooth hand free equipment

• Compatible with different Smartphones

• Customized solutions for specific carriers

• Support group or individual calls

• IP certified devices for outdoor use Fire / Water / Dust Resistant

Industries To Apply

• Public Transportation

• Freights & Logistics

• Health Services

• Courier Services

• Emergency Services

• Construction & Installation

• Suppliers

Key features And Benefits

Task Management System

Multiplatform Clients and Accessories


Ease of Administration

Group,Individual-priority Calls

Remote Camera and Mic Control

Bridge to PMR

GPS Location,GPS Route,Indoor Localization

Voice Recording and Call History

Alarming Mandown,Loneworker Protection

Messages,File Exchange and Alerts