The Very First Xingtrium Smart City Partner Summit Held in Shanghai

December 3, 2018, Shanghai – The first Xingtrium smart city partner summit was successfully held today at Kerry Hotel Pudong, in Shanghai, China. The summit was hosted by Xingtera Inc’s CEO, Ms. Yuqing Niu. Mr. Sanjeet Pandit, Qualcomm’s senior director of business development also joined the summit to share his view on the smart city market’s growth and opportunities.

Ms. Niu introduced the background of the launch of Xingtrium, and why it is important to establish a smart city platform today. “The smart city market used to be very fragmented and therefore a lot of city governments find it difficult to have a clear view on how to realize their vision. With the creation of Xingtrium, now there is finally a one stop platform so that all individual solutions can be vertically integrated, thus providing a more organic way for smart city implementation”, said Ms. Niu.

During the summit, representatives from 15 partner companies introduced their business as well as their smart city solutions, covering multiple vertical areas including smart transportation, smart building, smart environment, and smart healthcare.